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S220 SevenCompact™ pH/Ion

SevenCompact™ pH/Ion S220 – universal and versatile

This universal well designed meter is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications without overstretching your budget. It is much more than a pH meter: it can also measure ORP and ion concentration in various units.

The included electrode holder with the perfectly vertical uPlace™ movement helps you bring your electrode in the position where it works best for your sample. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over and/or damage the sensor.

SevenCompact™ gives you the choice to view all measurement information on the display or to focus on the essentials with the uFocus™view. Switching between the different display layouts is easy, requiring only a single keypress.

The new color display with its well-designed icons and menu settings in 10 languages makes operation genuinely intuitive. Applications range from routine measurements through sample analysis, data handling and data archiving in compliance with GLP regulations. Simply innovative design that meets the requirements for a universal, easy-to-operate pH/Ion meter.

  • User friendly instrument for demanding users
  • Security and high reproducibility thanks to Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)
  • Improved quality of measurements through professional calibration support
  • Comprehensive service package including IQ/OQ
  • Integrated USB and RS232 interfaces for data exchange
Specifications – S220 SevenCompact™ pH/Ion
Short description Universal instrument for measurements of pH, mV/ORP and ions
pH-range -2.000 to 20.000
pH-resolution User-definable: 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1
pH-relative accuracy ± 0.002
mV-range -2000.0 to 2000.0
mV-resolution User-definable: 0.1 / 1
mV-relative accuracy ± 0.2
Temperature range °C MTC: -30.0 to 130.0ATC: -5.0 to 130.0
Temperature accuracy °C ± 0.1
Display TFT color 4.3 inch
Power Supply Ext. power supply 9-12V/10W
Concentration range 1.00E-9 to 9.99E+9
Conc. accuracy +/- 0.5%


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